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The soul and passion of art, comes from the centre of my mind and heart. The inspiration of my work comes from memories, thoughts, daily life experiences, meeting people, traveling and cultures and my, sometimes, my crazy mind. Also am I inspired of warm colors and several cultures of Central America, where I lived and worked for almost a year. The warm full colors you see represented in my work. Female curves, waving lines, strong warm colors, the triangle and the eye (the gate to the human soul) are parts of my paintings, from realistic/figurative up to abstract.
Besides painting i write poetry, sometimes i design and make sculptures from iron and steel. For the future i want to develop myself in photography.

My name is Michel Driessen, born in Germany on 9th of August 1970, but living in the Netherlands since my childhood. As I have a passion for painting, arts and being creative for many years, am I active during the last few years to create my art. My passion has developed by doing and exploring. My ideas and fantasy I transform into designs.
I work in 2 different ways, free expression and in order of a client.
If you are interested in one of the paintings or if you have a special request for a specific design with your own idea; feel free to have contact with me.

Michel Driessen


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